Why Learning Latin Should be on Your To-Do List

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Whether you’re a businessman or an avid literature fan, learning a new language comes with many benefits.

While you may be planning to enroll in more popular foreign languages, learn Latin instead and discover how this ancient language unlocks the keys to new adventures.

Here are reasons why you should consider learning Latin:

  1. It’s An Adventure To Learn A New Language

Learning new things, like a new language, brings you a roller coaster of emotions and thus, it gives you a sense of adventure.

While learning the grammatical rules may sometimes frustrate and disappoint you, understanding and coming to terms with these rules can also give you a sense of satisfaction and joy. Studying this ancient language is an attainable skill, which can lead to many great adventures in learning.

Understanding Latin provides a sense of pride when it comes to etymologically understanding the meaning of various words. Many significant and powerful works of literature are written in Latin, which you can’t appreciate if you don’t know the language.

People who love to devour literature pieces in their original form may find their Latin background an indispensable tool in understanding some classical writings – something that doesn’t come with learning other languages.

  1. Latin is Your Stepping Stone To Learning Other Languages

Latin is an ancient language, which makes it one of the foundations of other languages, such as French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Romanian. Ninety percent of the mentioned languages’ vocabulary has Latin roots.

Learning Latin also helps you understand the rules of grammar governing these languages.

  1. Helps You Improve Your English

Whether you believe it or not, learning Latin can also be your way towards understanding and mastering English. Fifty percent of the English words can be traced back to the Latin language.

The English rules are also similar to Latin, giving you the advantage to master the English language.

  1. Gives You A Background of Most Professions

If you’re a high school student, learning Latin is an excellent tool in preparing for college. One of the huge benefits of studying this language is that it helps you understand most professions including all the natural sciences, law, medicine, arts, music, theology, literature, and philosophy.

  1. Help in Your Academics

Because of the holistic impact, it offers to various fields, studying Latin will help a student improve their academic achievements. Not only is this language helpful in appreciating history and the arts, but it also helps improve your reading and writing skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of mathematics and the sciences.

Here are other reasons how learning Latin can help you improve your academic performance:

  • Improve Your Writing and Reading Skills

When you study Latin, you get to experience the challenges in fully comprehending its grammar, which is the key to good writing.

If you master Latin, you’ll experience smoother reading even if you stumble upon new words, which will probably have Latin origins.

  • Helps You Understand The Modern Sciences

Even though it’s hard to believe, Latin and the sciences are related. The reason for this goes back to the Middle Ages when the intellectual or scientific revolution happened. During this time, people learned Latin and Greek. As the different sciences were born, scientific terms were created, which is based on Greek and Latin words.

Most scientific words, especially the classification system of living organisms, are based on these ancient languages. Even some words in Mathematics have Latin roots.

  • Appreciate History

If you want to delve deeper into the history of Western civilization, learning Latin can probably help you with that. Mastering Latin helps you understand and appreciate what the Roman Empire has done to affect today’s civilization.

Also, the history of art and literature can be deeply appreciated only if you understand the Latin writings on artworks and monuments.

  • Helps You Think More Systematically

Because the Latin language is systematic, it’ll help a student to be more precise. Aside from making a student better in reading and writing, it can also help them develop other skills, such as focusing on details and thinking in a more organized manner.

These skills are crucial for many professions including mathematics and sciences.

  1. An All-in-one Experience

When you opt to learn Latin, you get to learn many new things simultaneously. This language enables you to understand not only the history of human civilizations but also to gain a closer look at other subject areas. Indeed, this language is an exciting thing to learn.

Final Thoughts

Studying a new language, such as Latin, adds an important skill to its learners while introducing them to the wonderful world of history and the arts. Being an ancient language, it has become the pillar of various subject areas, such as literature, sciences, and mathematics.

Whether you want to be an academic, a businessman, or a scientist, learning Latin is useful and should be added to your to-do list.