This Woman Thought She Was Meeting Her Friends, But Instead She Was Invited To THIS. OMG!

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Sometimes, people need a wake up call to remind them to change certain habits that can affect them and their loved ones in a negative way. That’s What “Go For Zero” have done in this video. They set up fake appointments for five people to get their wake up call.

At first, the invited people thought they were going to meet and hang out with their friends, but they couldn’t expect they would find themselves attending their own funerals surrounded by their loved ones.

We realized at the end of the video, that these five people have something in common. They are reckless drivers who put themselves and other people’s lives in danger on the road.

Watching them listening to their families and friends saying their goodbyes is heartbreaking but it has certainly a powerful message to deliver. This is a very powerful way to raise awareness about the road accidents that take the lives of thousands of people every year around the world.

Can you imagine how scared would you be if this happened to you?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure the  “CC” (closed captioning) is turned ON to view the English subtitles.