You Can Finally Buy A Bag Of ONLY Lucky Charms Marshmallows In Grocery Stores

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Lucky Charms is probably one of the best cereals ever created – that is obvious. But it’s not the whole grain part of the cereal that is the big hit, it’s the marshmallows – of course!

Well now you can buy a whole bag of just the Lucky Charm marshmallows!!! Finally!

The bag of tasty marshmallows is ‘limited edition’, but I think we can all agree that these will be a hit and will probably end up being a staple on the grocery store shelves!

Just Magical Marshmallows will be sold in six-ounce packages for $3.99, featuring the eight flavors typically included in cereal boxes. The cereal company said this is the first time the Lucky Charms marshmallow pouches have been available nationwide.

“Lucky Charms fans have been asking for this for years,” Jessica TeBrake, assistant manager of brand experience for Lucky Charms, said in a statement.

“They’ve had the opportunity to win Lucky Charms Marshmallow – Only boxes in the past, but now have the ability to purchase the Just Magical Marshmallows. We hope it brings a little bit of magic and joy to their day.”