Michael Jackson’s 1993 Super Bowl Performance Was A True Halftime Show Game Changer

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Over 30 years ago, on Jan. 31, 1993 – Michael Jackson took to the Super Bowl XXVII halftime show stage and put on a performance like no other.

When Jackson took to the stage, he stood still like a statue for nearly 90-seconds as the crowd went wild. Producers of the halftime show realized at that point, that they were at the mercy of Michael Jackson and that he knew exactly what he was doing in order to put on a banger of a performance.

“Michael said to me, ‘Don’t cue my musicians until my hands go up and remove my glasses,’” Don Mischer — who produced and directed the halftime show — told The Post. “So he pops up, the crowd’s going crazy, about 30 seconds goes by, and he doesn’t move. Now I’m in the [production] truck screaming, ‘Come on, Michael! Let us go, man, and give us the cue!’ Finally, his hands came up, he touched his glasses, and we were off and running.”

Jackson reportedly asked for $1 million to perform, however, just like every halftime performer, he was not paid. Michael did receive roughly $35 or $40 million worth of exposure for the performance.

Oh, and he actually sang – no lip-syncing for MJ!

We are unable to embed the video of his performance as the NFL blocks it, but you can watch the performance in its entirety on Youtube HERE!