15 Top Slang Words Of 2022 That May Break Your Brain

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The slang words that these kids and young folk are using now a days are all over the place! It isn’t like back in the day (back in the day is roughly the 1990s era BTW) where we said things like ‘that’s rad’ or ‘that’s awesome’. The slang terms used today are a little more complicated and most times sound more ridiculous than anything. But check them out – that way you stay on the up and up!

If you are a parent to a preteen or teen…you already know most of these I’m sure.

1. Bussin’

Adjective – Amazing, really good.

Example: “Those potato chips are bussin’.”

2. Extra

Adjective – Dramatic, attention-grabbing, too much.

Example: “You don’t have to be so extra about it!”

3. Drip

Adjective – Stylish, sophisticated clothes or appearance.

Example: “Li’s shoes and belt are dripping today.”

4. Salty

Adverb – To overreact.

Example: “He got so salty after I didn’t text back right away.”

5. Rent-free

Adverb – To become an obsession, to dominate someone’s thoughts.

Example: “Since I saw Shang-Chi, Simu Liu is living rent-free inside my head.”

6. Shook

Adjective – Stunned, shocked.

Example: “That Oscar slap has me shook.”

7. Vibe check

Verb – To make sure someone is having a good time.

Example: Sanjit: “Hey, Carl, vibe check!”

Carl: “Vibe all good.”

8. Woke

Adjective – Socially conscious, culturally aware.

Example: “After his Modern Perspectives in Poetry course, he became woke to different points of view.”

9. Basic

An insult that means something or someone is boring or uncool.

Example: “Let’s get out of here. This party is basic.”

10. Cray or cray cray

Shortened version of crazy – something wild or out of control.

Example: “The new Beyoncé album is cray.”

11. I can’t even 

Expression of being overwhelmed with something, usually in a somewhat joking and positive manner. Short for “I can’t even handle…” or “I can’t even deal…”.

Example: “I can’t even with these French fries. So good!”

12. K or KK

Short for “okay.” Pronounced “kay.” A way to agree with something or to confirm what someone asks, without showing too much excitement.

Example: “Want to go to the mall later?” “K.”

13. Legit

Something that is good or worthwhile. Short for legitimate (meaning authentic or real).

Example: “That 65% off sale at the campus store is totally legit.”

14. Totes

Short for “totally” and often used to agree with someone.

Example: “I should finish my reading assignment before we play video games.” “Totes.”

15. YOLO

A not very serious motivational phrase, short for “you only live once.” Pronounced “yo-low.”

Example: “I know I shouldn’t eat that whole pizza by myself but YOLO.”