Woman Gets Instant Justice After Leaving Her Dog’s Poop On Sidewalk

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Women in Russia are beautiful and a little crazy — which is what makes this video so great!

A woman driving a Mercedes convertible with her tiny dog riding shotgun, got quite the surprise while stuck in traffic.

The Mercedes owner had let her dog out on the sidewalk in order for the dog to do its business. That’s all fine and dandy, however, after the dog was done — the woman just hopped back into her car, dog in hand.

Luckily for the world, a woman was walking down the sidewalk and watched as the woman let her dog drop a deuce on the sidewalk and hopped right back into her car. The woman immediately opened her phone and hit record as she confronted the vandals.

A slight altercation ensued and it ended with sidewalk lady picking up the poop (using a napkin) and tossing it into the poop droppers vehicle! Naturally the lady in the vehicle was upset, while the sidewalk walker just took off, laughing!