A Pittsburgh Doctor Says Antonio Brown Once Repeatedly Farted In His Face During A Consultation, Owes Him $11,500

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Antonio Brown’s former doctor says the 31-year-old once repeatedly farted in his face during a consultation, and that he still owes him $11,500 in unpaid medical bills.

Dr Victor Prisk, who now owns his own orthopedics and wellness clinic in Pittsburgh, first agreed to meet Brown for a body fat test in 2018, according to Sports Illustrated.

Brown reportedly showed up three hours late to that appointment and then proceed to pass gas in front of Dr. Prisk’s face and laugh.

The ordeal was filmed by one of Brown’s friends — footage which has since been obtained by TMZ.

The video has since been shared on Twitter:

Dr. Prisk feels the farting incident is quite childish. However, after the incident he said he would take on Antonio as a regular client, which he did for a while.

Dr. Prisk recently filed a lawsuit against Antonio $11,500 for unpaid medical bills.

Somethings tells us that when Antonio saw the lawsuit…he probably just shit all over it!