Family Finds Real Pirate Treasure In Grandparents’ Attic. A Human Hand, Map & Coins In A Box.

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Most people find a few old dusty lamps in their grandparents attic, if you lucky, maybe you find a few old baseball cards…but pirate treasure? That’s just crazy!

Mike and Maria Lopez remembered having listened to their grandfather talk about finding a famous Spanish pirate Jose Gaspar’s treasure, but they assumed his story was untrue. That was until they discovered something serious ‘piratey’ in the attic.

Check it out below!


The box contained what an expert believed was a blueprint of Tampa, Florida from the 1920’s or 1930’s, a photograph presumably of Mike’s grandparents, thin coins, and a preserved hand with a ring on one finger.


Researchers are looking into the find and trying to figure out if it is authentic or not. If so, this just maybe the coolest attic find in the history of attic finds!



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