Abusive Boyfriend Faked Terminal Cancer So Girlfriend Wouldn’t Leave Him

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Kevin Bevis & Karen Gregory (SWNS)

One crazy dude faked cancer to keep his girlfriend, Karen Gregory (50) from leaving him. Kevin Bevis (38) even went as far as to walk with a cane and guzzle down over 20 ‘pills’ (which were just vitamins) per day, pretending they were cancer meds.

But the father-of-three’s deceit came to an end when his partner contacted police after his abuse became violent.

Gregory had denied his repeated requests to have sex with other men and was about to end the relationship when Bevis told her of his cancer.

A court heard that she felt so sorry for him she eventually went ‘swinging’ to please him.

The divorcee, even pretended to collapse in front on the neighbors when his girlfriend was out.

Gregory said: “He would say he didn’t want me seeing him like that. I would pick him up and he would come out with bandages and tell me all about the nurses there.

“He would have the medication, a box of pills, throughout the day.

“I found out they were just vitamins and supplements.”

The pair met on Facebook in 2016, but three months into their relationship Gregory attempted to break up with Bevis due to his “sexual urges”.

She told Maidstone Crown Court: “He wanted to do swinging but I’m not into all that, so I thought it would be a problem. But he insisted he would never make me do any of that.”

However, Bevis refused to take no for an answer and in May 2017, when Gregory threatened to leave, he told her he had stomach cancer.

Bevis lied to his entire family as well, telling them that he had cancer. Bevis raised money and took money from charities also.

Bevis eventually owned up to the elaborate lies after the court requested to see all of his medical records.

Bevis was handed an 18-month prison sentence and a five-year restraining order.