Black Bear Killed After Residents Leave Out Food To Take Videos Of It

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Human interaction with wildlife is becoming a serious issue lately. With social media platforms like TikTok blowing up, more and more people are trying to create the next ‘viral’ video. Sadly, many times these videos include ‘too close for comfort’ wildlife encounters – which typically don’t end well for the animal in question.

Take the case of one bear named Huckleberry, from North Shore, Vancouver.

Due to its gentle temperament, members of the public began leaving out food for the bear to eat.

Sadly, doing so is typically a death sentence for that bear.

Because once they are used to human food, black bears can quickly become reliant on these scraps and unable to fend for themselves.

The North Shore Black Bear Conservation Society shared a super sad post about Huckleberry.

“Huckleberry, our journey together began on July 2. You were eating scraps from an organics cart – the enclosure had been left open.”

“Even though you were eating, you were very easy to move on.”

“The next time we met, you were at the roadside eating berries.”

“As we walked you back to the forest, you stood and sniffed a garbage can. We used a firm tone and told you to leave – you listened.”

“As you walked away, you left a bright pink scat full of huckleberries! We were so proud of you for eating natural foods, despite all the tempting treats residents had left available to you. From that moment, we named you Huckleberry!”

“We met you many times and often you would roll your tongue out at us to smell the air as we walked together back to the forest. We knew you remembered us.”