After Hitting A Dog With His Car, A Canadian Man Drove It To Safety, Turns Out It Was A Coyote

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Eli Boroditsky was driving to his night shift job last week on a narrow rural road in Manitoba, Canada, when his car hit what he thought was a dog running across the dark road.

After Eli hit the animal, the animal was thrown into a ditch. Eli parked his car, grabbed a flashlight and searched for the wounded animal.

Once Eli found the wounded animal, he was under the impression that the animal was a dog. A Husky or German Shepard.

Eli made mention in an interview to CNN that he was amazed at how docile the animal was, because the ‘dog’ allowed him to pet it.

In an effort to help the animal and keep it from getting attacked by predetors, Eli picked the animal up and placed it on the floor of his car.

Eli then drove to his cheese factory job where a co-worker came out to take a look at the wounded animal. That’s when the co-worker delivered him a big surprise. The dog wasn’t a dog. It was a coyote.

Having to wait until the morning for any animal rescue shelter to open, the coyote stayed in the semi-warmth of Eli’s car. When Eli got out of work in the morning, he wasn’t able to drive home — since he had a wild animal still in his car.

Luckily, another co-worker of Eli’s was able to get in touch with an animal rehabilitation center and a conservation officer was able to retrieve the coyote.

The coyote will make a full recovery and be ready for release back into the wild in a few weeks.