Woman Shows Up At Church To Deliver A Pizza & Receives Something Glorious

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church pizza

It started out like any other pizza delivery for driver Natasha— she brought the pie to a hungry congregation at Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington, Ohio and collected her $5.99.

But then, Reverend Steve Markle called her on stage.

How much is the biggest tip you’ve ever received,” he asked.

Natasha replied “ten dollars“.

Reverend Markle then handed Natasha $15 and told her that she could keep the change as a tip. The Reverend then pointed out that the tip he had given Natasha was only $9 and that is when he told Natasha that the $9 was her tip, but he had a gift that he wanted to give her.

Reverend Markle had been teaching his parish about the act of giving and he wanted to show his congregation just how it was done. The Reverend explained to Natasha that for the last three church services they had passed around a special collection basket that would be used for her ‘tip’. At that moment, Reverend Markle handed Natasha $1046 in cash causing Natasha to break down into tears.

No doubt, this was a small, life changing moment for Natasha. Watching Natasha’s expressions and emotions when she was handed the money, told us all that she could really use it.

Such a wonderful lesson of giving and helping out your fellow human.

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