Arkansas State Police Arrest EXTREMELY DRUNK Police Lieutenant

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This guy was so drunk that he could barely form a sentence. Found passed out in his car on the side of the road, he had zero clue where he was at, where he had been and where he was going.

Check out the video below…and below that you can read the responding officer’s statement on the incident.

On March 1, 2023, at approximately 7:33 am, Arkansas State Police Dispatch advised me of a vehicle in which the Driver appeared to be passed out behind the wheel at SH102 and Rebel Rd. Upon arrival, I met with Officer Nick Green #718 with Centerton PD. Ofc. Green advised me that upon his arrival, he found the Driver, later identified as Joseph Rosebaugh, asleep in the driver seat.

Green stated that Rosebaugh had his foot on the brake, vehicle in gear and running (keys in ignition) upon his arrival. Green attempted to wake Rosebaugh and was unsuccessful. Green then did a sternum rub which woke Rosebaugh. Green had Rosebaugh step from his vehicle and sit on his tailgate. Rosebaugh told Ofc. Green he was cold and was placed inside his patrol vehicle.  When I opened Ofc Green’s door, I could immediately smell the odor of intoxicants. Rosebaugh could not explain why he might have been found asleep behind the vehicle’s steering wheel. I asked Rosebaugh if he would take Field Sobriety Testing to which he agreed. I asked Rosebaugh to take a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. He agreed, and I then explained the instructions to do so.

While taking the test, Rosebaugh sometimes looked past the stimulus (finger) and did not follow it. He also had to be reminded several times to stop moving his head. During the test, I observed a lack of Smooth Pursuit in both eyes, an Onset of Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees in both eyes, and a Distinct and sustained nystagmus at maximum deviation in both eyes. These clues would be six of the possible six clues to observe to indicate intoxication. He was wearing glasses and I observed a visible sway, bloodshot and watery eyes, and an odor of alcohol on his breath. I then described the Walk and Turn test and asked him to take the test. While completing the test, I observed Rosebaugh lift his arms more than 6 inches for balance. He also stepped on his planted foot’s toe with the other foot’s heel. I felt Rosebaugh displayed only one clue out of a possible 8 for this test.

The final Standardized Field sobriety test Rosebaugh was asked to take was the One Leg Stand. I explained the test and he agreed to take it.  Rosebaugh had a constant Sway while standing. During the test he used his arm for balance, lifting them more than 6 inches, and he also put his foot down. After completing SFST, I advised Rosebaugh that I had noticed several clues that would indicate intoxication. When asked what might have caused this, if he had drunk any alcohol, he stated he had about 14 hours prior watching the KU Game around9–10 pm. A portable breath test was given, which gave a result of .11%.I then transported Rosebaugh to the Centerton Police Department for a Breath test.

While en route, Rosebaugh asked if the other officer (referring to Ofc. Green) had told me that he had drunk after he had go there. I told him no Ofc. Green did not mention that. There were no open or closed containers in or around his vehicle. Rosebaugh was read his Arkansas Statement of Rights for DWI and DWI Refusal.  Rosebaugh then advised that he would not be taking a breath test. At 8:52 am, I initiated a test sequence and asked Rosebaugh again if he wanted to take a breath test which he refused. After refusing my breath test, Rosebaugh did not wish to do any further testing.

Upon arriving at Northwest Arkansas Medical Center, I contacted Judge Griffin concerning a Blood Warrant. Judge Griffin signed the warrant to obtain a blood sample from Rosebaugh. At 10:10 am, Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant Isaac Williams drew blood, placed it into two separate vials, and immediately handed it to me. I then sealed and packaged them. The Samples will be sent to the Arkansas State Police Crime Lab for Toxicology. Rosebaugh was released to the Benton County Jail and charged with 5-65-103 Driving While Intoxicated and 5-65-205 Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test with citation #200A0627415 to appear in the Benton County District Court Gentry Division on May10, 2023