Bam Margera Caught On Video Intoxicated Screaming And Flipping Out On Ex-Wife Before Arrest

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Bam Margera went on a drunken rant, screaming and yelling at his wife in Burbank, California restaurant before being arrested for public intoxication. The ordeal was caught on camera.

It appears that the argument between Margera and his estranged wife Nikki Boyd was about custody of their 5-year-old child.

At one point, Bam tells Nikki, “Phoenix has his own mind.” Bam says his son wants to see him and yells at his estranged wife, “Let him have his own mind,” punctuating his claim by stomping on the ground.

Before blasting out of the restaurant, Bam screams at Nikki, “Why are you making me wait f****** five days? F****** f***!!!”

Back in February, Nikki filed for legal separation and full custody of their son. Reason being, Nikki stated Bam was no sober at this time in his life.