Ash Wednesday Is The Perfect Time To Find Out Who Showers On A Regular Basis

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Well here we are again folks, it is that time of year again…Ash Wednesday!  Every year millions of people celebrate this religious moment which symbolizes the first day of lent in Western Christianity. Most everyone who acknowledges this day is issued an anointed thumbprint of blessed ashes placed firmly on their forehead.   For most, this is a day of fasting, for me and others it is day one of a watching and waiting period to see who washes their body on a regular basis.

ash wednesday

Today I witnessed some of my fellow employee’s walking around with a large black mark of ash on their forehead, tomorrow, if it still there…the beginning signs of a cleanliness issue is in full swing.  If the raging  black mark makes it to Friday, than we all know that the cleanliness problem of that certain individual is worse that we all thought.

For whatever reason you show up to work on Monday and the person in question is still rocking the black mark of Lent…an HR report may need to filed and a distance of at least 3 feet must be implemented when speaking with this individual.

Remember folks, people are watching and people are waiting…stay clean my friends.

Author : CJ@AJ

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