Beard Lights Are A Real Trend This Christmas

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Every Christmas season there seems to be some sort of holiday trends that takes over the internet. This year, beard and hair Christmas lights are a big time trend!

Not only are you able to decorate your own beard with beard lights, they also makes a great gift for your hairy faced friend! You can buy a set for $14 over at — and not only do they light up, they even flash! You just clip them into your facial hair and before you know it, your spreading Christmas joy everywhere you go!


Here is the description from the website :

“Not got room for a Christmas tree in your dismally small rental flat? Join the club! Don’t bother with one of those dinky desk-sized ones, just get these and make yourself the tree this year.”


Don’t have a beard and still want to rock some festive Christmas lights on your bod? Check out these fairy lights for your hair!

Imagine showing up to your work or family Christmas party rocking these in your hair! People will be jealous, trust us!

Just be careful when wearing hair or beard Christmas lights — people may want to start putting gifts under you!