Beware Of Fishy Craigslist Ads | Man Tries Selling Canned Tuna Instead Of PS3

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canned tuna

One North Carolina woman almost lost her shirt when she answered an ad on Craigslist for a PS3.

The victim states that she answered an ad on Craigslist where a man was selling a Playstation 3 for with controller for $60 because he was in a ‘bad spot’.  The ad implied the seller was out of money and out of gas.

It assured potential buyers the offer was “legit,” and along with offering a “bill of sale,” the seller was willing to go with the buyer to a store to plug in the system to make sure it works.

The victim immediately sensed something was wrong.

The seller was identified as 29-year-old Russell Dylan Musgrove.

“I said can you open the bag and show it to me,” she recalled. “He said, ‘if you don’t give me the money, I don’t give you the bag.'”

She says Musgrove was in his car with his engine running, and snatched one of the three $20 bills she had in her hand.

“I said, ‘just give me my money back,’ and he said, ‘no that is the price for opening up the bag,'” she said. “I was like, ‘what?'”

The victim’s boyfriend, who was waiting in the car, managed to write down the suspect’s license plate number before he drove off. The victim also snapped a photo, which shows the man partially covering his face inside the vehicle.

The photo the boyfriend took was remarkably similiar to the photo the DMV had on hand for Musgrove and he was later arrested.

Beware of fishy online deals folks!

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