There Is A Place Where Over 1,000 Wild Deer Are Waiting For You To Play With Them

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The place is Nara, Japan and it is recognized by many as the pre-capital to Tokyo. The city is home to Nara Park, a park similar to that of American’s Yellowstone National Park, just much, much smaller. For comparison, Yellowstone has over 2.2 million acres of land, while Nara Park has a mere 1,235 acres.

When most people hear the words Nara Park they think ‘Deer’, that is because the park is home to over 1,000 of the adorable creatures. Although the deer have over a thousand acres to roam around in, they are often found venturing outside the park and into the city.

The deer of Nara Park are most definitely wild, but they are remarkably calm. The deer have no problem walking down city street in large herds, laying down to take a rest and mingling with the cities residents.

If you are an animal loving travel junkie…than Nara, Japan should most certainly be added to your list of destinations!

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