Big News Station Comes After Famed Independent Journalist Andrew Callaghan

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Andrew Callaghan is an independent journalist that has risen to fame over the last decade. Running the Youtube channel ‘Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan‘, Andrew has reported on real issues that are plaguing the United States daily. From drug infused festivals to gang life on the California streets, he sheds a bright light on serious topics.

In Andrew’s most recent documentary posted to his Youtube channel, he highlighted the homeless that live under the city of Las Vegas. Throughout his 1 hour and 45 minute documentary, he used a ten second clip from Las Vegas’ ‘Fox 5 News’ station. Within 48 hours of the Youtube video being upload to Youtube, Fox 5’s lawyers submitted a take down request and the video was removed. But not before it racked up 1.6 million views.

Andrew posted a short video response explaining the situation and sighting two federal laws that protect him from being able to use that footage under the ‘Fair Use Act’. The documentary was filled with ways to help the homeless of Las Vegas, which makes the take down request all the more important. This being, why wouldn’t a news station such as Fox 5, want to shed light on their city’s growing homeless and drug issue? As Andrew put it, he believe they were pushed to have the video taken down as it doesn’t make Vegas look as luxurious as Vegas lawmakers would like.

Luckily, Andrew plans on taking Fox 5 to court to settle the dispute. It’s certainly a crazy world in which we live and this is a prime example of money and power trying to push an agenda.

This is the Andrew’s comment on his most recent video and this is where you can watch the removed documentary:

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