Increase Endurance And Athletic Performance With New Breakthrough Hydration Capsule – Endurolete™

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We don’t usually write about products on AwesomeJelly, but sometimes we personally try out a product that we feel has to be shared with others.

As some of our staff members began a new 60-day health challenge, a few looked to cut out the Gatorade and Powerade’s from their pre and post workout routines. Searching for a hydration replacement, they found Endurolete. And it’s pretty awesome! All natural too!

Endurolete™ is basically a hydration hack inside of a capsule! The capsules have been a massive hit in Japan and it recently launched in the United States!

Created specifically for athletes who are looking for an alternative to ingesting sugar filled or caffeinated drinks and mixes, now have an all natural answer and new hydration strategy.

This product is absolutely genius! Japanese scientists were able to harness the key actives found in wood creosote, which coats the intensive and prevents moisture from escaping during digestion – thus preventing dehydration! Smart right?

Athletes, trainers and coaches high recommend Endurolete™ and have had wonderful experiences using the product.

As a trainer of elite athletes and rugby teams, I am concerned with performance but above all, the health dangers that come from lack of hydration that include cardiovascular stress, cramps and heat illness,” said Vern Nicholas, Athletic trainer and Elite Athlete Coach.

He continued:

Living in Asia I have always heard of the benefits of wood creosote, I started all of my athletes on Endurolete and have seen the difference it makes in the gym and on the field. Endurance is up and performance has been drastically improved.”.


The main ingredient in Endurolete’s proprietary formula is wood creosote. Creosote has been used for hundreds of years to treat digestive disorders in Japan and all over the world, especially when people are suffering from dehydration due to gastroenteritis (diarrhea). With these natural medicinal remedies, the intestine is coated to keep water in the body and thus prevents dehydration. Unlike other creosotes, wood creosote is safe and non-carcinogenic, as verified by the National Institute of Health.

I am a hiker, swimmer, marathon runner, soccer player, and cross fit trainer in the hot state of Arizona. Even if the temperature is 105 degrees, I am out training. I will take a dose before four hours of running and then another before two hours of swimming in the pool. I have to admit, I have even taken it before happy hour and have felt a huge difference the next morning at bouncing back faster and not feeling dehydration from alcohol,” said Pierre Rivera, Elite Athlete.

Endurolete™ is an awesome hydration option for so many different people! From military personnel, runners, surfers, those who do yoga, hikers and so many more! And just like Pierre Rivera stated above, Endurolete™ is great for rebounding after a night of drinking adult beverages!

You can grab your own bottle of Endurolete™ HERE!