Bride Finds Out Fiancé Is Cheating Night Before Wedding And Reads Texts During Their Vows

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via Celynek / Flickr

Casey couldn’t wait to marry her best friend and love of her life, Alex. The pair had spent the last six years together and they were about to tie the knot, but the night before the wedding, Casey found out a horrible truth and was forced to make a tough decision.

On the night before her wedding, Casey was hanging out with her friends in a fancy hotel room, when her phone rang. Casey was expecting it was simply another message coming in to wish her a happy wedding day, but that wasn’t the case.

“The message was a series of screenshots from a number I didn’t recognize. The accompanying message simply said, ‘I wouldn’t marry him. Will you?’ Casey told Body and Soul.

The messages contained screenshots of messages between Alex and a mystery woman. There were even photos of Alex and the mystery woman together, included in the texts sent to Casey.

Some of the texts were a few days old and others were from months before.

“This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game.”

Your body is fucking incredible. And shit do you know how to use it. I wish my GF had half the skills you do.”

“I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about L, S, F’ing you. I’ve never had this kind of connection before.”

Casey knew that these messages were very real and it put her in very messed up situation. “Every word like a dagger in my heart and my wedding was only hours away,” she said. “How could I cancel when everyone had already travelled to be there and everything was paid for?”

Casey was confused and upset and her bridesmaids had her back, offering to confront the cheating fiancé. But Casey had another idea.


She went back to her hotel room that night and laid next to her fiancé, contemplating her next move. “I didn’t sleep a wink and when dawn finally broke I awoke the girls and told them my decision — I was going to go ahead with the wedding as expected, and out him in front of our friends and family,” she said.

As the couple walked down the aisle on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, the anguish was written all over her face. Alex knew that something was wrong, but had no idea what was coming.

“I arrived at the front of the room, took a big breath and I faced our friends, our parents and I told them the truth about Alex,” she said.

“There will be no wedding today,” she announced to the crowd of friends and family. “It seems Alex is not who I thought he was.”

Alex tried to hold Casey’s hand, but Casey just held up her cellphone to the crowd instead. “I read every single message she sent me. With each word, more color left Alex’s face,” Casey said.

The groom stormed out of the church with his best man in tow.

Casey then addressed the audience. “I love all of you and as horrible as this is I’m glad you all are here. There will not be a wedding reception today, but instead, there will be a celebration of honesty, finding true love and following your heart even when it hurts,” she said.

Instead of turning the even into a funeral, she decided to throw a party celebrating what really matters in life.

“It was certainly not the wedding day I had planned but to our credit, it was one hell of a party,” she said.

Alex did not attend the party.