Brilliant Hack Shows You How To Peel Garlic In A Snap And It’s Blowing Our Minds

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It’s hard to resist a good kitchen hack, so we figured we would share this brilliant one with you. That and it’s pretty much taking over the internet right now because it fixes a very common issue in the kitchen — peeling garlic.

TikToker @olivares.barce posted the original video that people are mind blown. In the video, a bulb of garlic is cut horizontally and placed facedown on the table. The flat, smooth side of a giant knife is then smashed on top of it. After that forceful motion, the peel can be removed in one swift motion!

The video does have some edits to it and that has caused a ton of people to become skeptical of the reality of the garlic hack. However, many have tried it on their own, filmed it and it apparently works great!