You Won’t Believe How Much ‘Good’ Food Is Found By Dumpster Diving At Grocery Stores

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dumpster diving

A massive amount of perfectly edible food rescued from grocery story dumpsters.

We recently came across a short video titled ‘Dumpster Diving Across America‘ created by Rob Greenfield. Greenfield is an energetic, outgoing, happy and super healthy individual. Greenfield has a passion for the outdoors, life and people.

In this short film Greenfield rode his bike 4,700 miles across the vast lands of America, making it from coast to coast in just 104 days. Along his journey, Greenfield fueled his body with food and beverage found in dumpsters across America.

Greenfield would visit large dumpsters outside of corporate and privately owned grocery stores all across America. What he found inside them is both alarming and disheartening. Greenfield dove into over 1,000 dumpsters along the way, each one filled with perfectly edible food products.

dumpster diving1

So much edible food is thrown away on a daily basis.

Greenfield said it best when he stated ‘America doesn’t have a food shortage problem, we have food distribution problem’. That statement surely resonated with us here at AwesomeJelly and should with the rest of America.

Million of people across America go hungry each and every day. Women, children, men and families, go without food while grocery stores throw away pounds upon pounds of perfectly good food. For what reason?

In Greenfield’s video you will see just how much perfectly edible food is tossed away and sent to the landfill. It is truly mind blowing. To think that we as American’s have so much food, that we just throw it away.

dumpster diving2

Large quantity of healthy food rescued from grocery store dumpsters

Try to fathom if every grocery store across America were to take these perfectly good items that they are tossing away and drive them over to their local homeless shelter or food pantry. Could you imagine the abundance of food that would be back in the mouths of hungry citizens and not rotting away in a dumpster?

Think about it…


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