Bus Driver Won’t Let Kids Off Of The School Bus And Kids Begin Jumping Out Windows

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Things got a little wild in a small Georgia town recently. A substitute school bus driver in Georgia refused to let kids off of the bus unless they and the parents had documentation stating it was the correct stop.

Something tells me this bus driver worked for TSA or Border Patrol at one point. 

Video shows the wild scene unfold as the bus driver pulls away from one bus stop, refusing to let children off. Kids are heard screaming from the bus, parents are going crazy on the sidewalk. Eventually the bus stops at an intersection, where a vehicle parks in front of it – blocking it’s path.

Parents rush to the bus, kids open the windows and begin jumping out into their parents arms. The emergency exit on the bus is opened and kids come flying out like cattle being released into an open field. All the while, one parent is attempting to slap the poop out of the bus driver.

Parents were dumbfounded at the bus driver’s actions. Parents were telling the driver that these are kids and they don’t carry around documentation about their I.D. in their bookbags.

Pretty sure this is the last bus run for that driver! Hopefully they let themselves off!