Youtubers Sam and Colby Film Some Of The Wildest Evidence Of The Afterlife

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Sam and Colby, paranormal investigators, have pursued spirits at some of the most well-known haunted houses on Earth. These two closest friends risk everything—including their friendship and sanity—in their documentaries as they search for real proof of the afterlife. Along the way, they bring friends, skeptics, and paranormal experts, and their adventures are terrifying, funny, and most of all, a terrifying trip into the unknown.

Sam and Colby embark on their most ambitious undertaking yet in the feature-length premiere of Hell Week: a week-long stay at The Old Arnold Estate, also known as THE CONJURING HOUSE, the real haunted house that served as the inspiration for the Conjuring movie series. After running from the house in fear two years ago, Sam and Colby have returned to find out what actually transpired on the evening of the tragic seance held by demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren in 1974.

In an attempt to discover the truth about the Perron family haunting and what, or who, actually lurks in the basement, the boys will push the boundaries of paranormal investigation and themselves for seven days.

In the first episode, Sam and Colby encounter deceased family members in a very strange, yet compelling way. Check it out below!

You will be left with so many questions!

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