Couple Arrested After Filming Sweet Love Making Session On Myrtle Beach Ferris Wheel

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Horry County Sheriff’s Office

A South Carolina couple faces criminal charges after police say they were making sweet love inside a Myrtle Beach attraction.

On Jan. 12, Myrtle Beach police opened an indecent exposure investigation regarding an incident, according to arrest warrants. The address on the reports point to the Myrtle Beach, SkyWheel, one of the area’s top oceanfront spots.

In an online video, Eric Harmon, of Lexington, and Lori Harmon, of Garden City, were inside a glass gondola that was in public view, according to the warrants.

While inside the car, the two performed a few adult acts — clearly enjoying the full experience of the Ferris wheel.

SkyWheel officials were quick to say they were not aware of the incident and that it does not tolerate that behavior at their attractions.

“SkyWheel Myrtle Beach prides ourselves in providing a safe, family friendly attraction and atmosphere,” officials said in a statement. “This incident that we are just becoming aware of is extremely disturbing. We have not been notified yet from the authorities regarding this incident, but are ready to cooperate in any way we can. These actions do not reflect our values, and we do not tolerate any behavior that does not coincide with our family friendly environment.

The couple—who are both 36 years old—were arrested on Saturday, according to Myrtle Beach police records. They each face up to three years in prison on the charge.

The Harmons also have a slew of charges in Horry County for similar activities. Horry County police charged Lori Harmon with two counts of indecent exposure, two counts of participation in obscene material, property damage less than $2,000. Officers charged Eric Harmon with indecent exposure and two counts of participation in obscene material.