Doctors Warn People Of Lice Growth On Eyelashes

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Medical experts are urging people to make sure they clean their eyelashes daily, as various types of bacteria can build up if not treated daily. This is especially true if you wear eyelash extensions.

(Photo: WACH)

A South Carolina optometrist states that the exact same lice that lives on beds and other home furniture can also grow on false lashes. Dr. Dorothy Park, who has worked in the Midlands region of South Carolina for 30 years, warns men and women of infections from the glue used in salons.

“Bacteria sets in and the eye goes red and inflamed, and with inflammation comes bacteria with a lot of infection, yellowish, greenish mucus,” Park said.

Hair studio owner, Tia Brannon, offers eyelash extensions to her customers. She also offers advice on how to maintain them, keep them clean and avoid infection.

You’re supposed to wash them daily and you wanna use a lash brush, not a q-tip. Not anything that’s going to scrub off the lashes, but they have little devices called lash brushes.

All of these infections can all be prevented by cleaning your lashes daily, fake or not – clean them up!