These Post-Breakup Craigslist Ads Are The Definition Of Crazy

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People post just about anything on Craigslist now a days. From casual love encounters to the rustiest piece of s**t vehicle you have ever seen. They even post their personal relationship breakup issues.

Some of our favorite listings have been posted by people looking to sell their exes’ stuff. Below, a sampling of the most ridiculous, “Jerry Springer”-esque listings to ever be written by angsty exes on Craigslist.

1. The mattress that holds too many memories. 


2. The cursed ring!

I, sadly can relate to this one. I did the same thing years ago. I married a crazy…within a month I had our rings listed on Craigslist. I had nearly $5,000 worth of rings…and after hearing the guys story, I sold them for nearly anything. I met the guy, we had coffee for an hour. I told him my story and he told me his. He had been with the love of his life for over ten years. They didn’t want to get legally married, but he wanted to do something special and commit for life. I finished my coffee and he took out the money for the rings. I told him to just give me $300 and we will call it good. Needless to say…he was stoked!

3. The ‘Everything Must Go’ Sale

4. The shady dresser.

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