DoorDash Drivers Are Becoming The Newest Target For Scammers

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Scammers will really go after anyone if there is money to be stolen and the newest scam trend happening around the United States has to do with DoorDash drivers losing all of their hard earned earnings — to scam artist.

The scam is simple. DoorDash drivers will receive a phone call from who they think is a DoorDash representative. They will tell the driver that something is going on with their account or that the current dash they are on is being cancelled and they will be fully compensated. What they then do, is text a link to the driver.

This link, when clicked, will have the driver log into their personal dasher app (where their DoorDash earnings are held). However, this is obviously not a DD link and it is simply login the driver’s login information so the scammers can quickly log in on their end, change the banking information and send the DD driver’s hard earned funds to themselves.

What a world we live in!