Why You Should Be Hanging Eucalyptus In The Shower

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Eucalyptus is a plant that has an incredible amount of beneficial properties. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities, it’s very useful when treating skin problems, mild wounds, congestion, coughs, and colds, among other things.

During cold and flu season, this natural plant can do wonders!

Hanging eucalyptus leaves in your shower, will help ease congestion, coughs, and colds while you shower!

The steam generated from the shower will activate the eucalyptus leaves and provide you with the oils that are proven to help out with headaches, joint inflammation, sore muscles, stress, congestion, and more.

In addition to the health benefits, eucalyptus just smells great, so your bathroom will smell phenomenal during and after your shower!

The scent is fresh and calming, which will enhance your level of relaxation. This method is often used in commercial spas and steam rooms!

So if you are feeling a bit ill or you just want to completely relax, hang some eucalyptus in the shower and get your steam on!