Footage Shows The Moment Chaos Erupted As Shooters Target Chief’s Super Bowl Parade

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The Chief’s won Super Bowl 58 and on Wednesday they were celebrating with their fans outside Union Station in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The Super Bowl celebration parade was supposed to be a time for Chief’s players to celebrate with their fans and families, while getting a little wild and showing off the Super Bowl trophy. But around 2 p.m., the fun-loving celebration came to a complete stop as fans and players ran for their lives.

Gunfire erupted and bullets began flying. When the gunfire stopped, one mother was deceased and 21 others were injured.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a radio disk jockey for KKFI in Kansas City was fatally wounded. 11 children were among the injured and expected to recover.

During the commotion, a video was taken showing two fans tackling someone and holding them down until police arrived.

3 suspects have been detained.