How ChatGPT Predicted The Total Score Of The Super Bowl and Made One Random Dude Win His Bet

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Some people claim that the Super Bowl is rigged and others truly believe that it is simply a game of skill between two teams full of top athletes. Who’s to say really, the public will never know. One can argue that the Super Bowl and NFL is a business first, a big business — so why would those who are in charge and running the show leave it up to chance? Either way, one dude decided to ask ChatGPT (the most famous AI platform on the web) what the final score of Super Bowl 58 would be. Once he had the answer, he placed a bet using ChatGPT’s prediction.

And he won!

ChatGPT said they predicted the final score total for fun…but it was 100% correct at 47. The final score was Chief’s 25 — 49ers 22.

Take a look at the screenshots shared after his big win!