This Palette Tree Swing Is The Perfect Backyard Addition! You Have Got To See This!

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Imgur user IAmGregAnderson was interested in creating a fun addition to his yard. His home overlooks the beautiful waters of Lake Champlain, and he wanted a relaxing space to enjoy the view. So, he created this bad boy! The perfect summer hangout!

For this project, our DIY-er used three standard-size palettes.

If trying this yourself, make sure to pick out palettes that are of good, solid quality. Warped and cracked wood won’t work well or provide stability.



The first step is building the back support.

This part is a little tricky, because in order for the back to fit correctly, it must first be deconstructed.


After choosing an angle for the back support, the boards can be refitted onto the pallet.

The DIY-er recommends using wood clamps as you drill the boards back into place.


Next, mounted eye bolts are attached.

Eventually, you’ll thread the rope through these eyeholes in order to hang the swing from the tree.


After sanding the palettes down, it’s time to prime.

After that, you can get creative by painting your swing any color you’d like.


In no time at all, this DIY-er’s piece really started to come together!

Also, make sure the padding and pillows you choose fit your liking.


The next few steps for the top palette are very similar.

Sand and mount the eye bolts, then paint and prime in your desired color.


Determine how high off the ground you’d like your swing to be.

Of course, use extreme caution when mounting your first palette.


Once your top palette is properly balanced, it’s time to add the swing!

Make sure your knots are tied securely, and get ready to enjoy the view.


This palette lounge swing is the perfect addition for the upcoming lazy days of summer.


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