26 Incredibly Bizarre Food Labels And Signs

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Now I have have eaten my fair share of bizarre foods over the years, from the cheapest Ramen noodles you can find to the finest of Spam sandwiches, but these 26 incredibly bizarre food labels are nothing that I would crave…or even attempt to try…well…maybe I’d grab a bite at Crabby Dick’s!  Yikes!

Wasted and broke pasta

1.) I don’t think they even sell this at the dollar store!

Cock Soup

2.) Probably not an option for the sick kiddos

Frozen Rape Leaf

3.) Nothing says Yummy Salad more than fresh Rape Leaf!

Shitto Spice

4.) Nothing good can come out of opening this can


5.) I truly have no words for this one


6.) Ummm….

fish assholes

7.) Well doesn’t this seem like a tasty treat!


8.) Dinner Time!

clean blue crap

9.) Yew! I want nothing to do with this crap!

std bars

10.) They don’t make just chocolate eggs my friends!

Crabby Dick's

11.) Now this is a place to take the family!

penis pasta

12.) If noodles are hard for more than 4 hours consult your doctor

Cock meats

13.) What in the…

kick in the balls doritos

14.) I bet these have a kick to them

Camel Balls

15.) Great for the kids next birthday party

breast munchies

16.) Gotta love munching these babies!

cock macaroni

17.) The finest Italian pasta around!

golden gaytime icecream

18.) Such a happy choice!

Urinal hot drink

19.) Well ain’t that a pissah

Only Puke food

20.) Oh Asian food…you are so silly

megapussi chips

21.) Real men don’t eat these

Pee Cola Soda

22.) I like to wash down my MegaPussi chips with a little Pee Cola

Homo Sausage

23.) What? Really?

Cemen Dip

24.) Creamy and Fresh

Cock Soup Mix

25.) Just throw a little cock soup into the mix and the party will heat up!

Soup For Sluts

26.) Who needs Ramen

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