Get Ready Ladies, ‘TallyWackers’ The Male Themed ‘Hooters’ Equivalent Is Here

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Rumor has it Rodney Duke, a bar owner and Dallas businessman was enjoying a meal at Hooters in 2005 when he started pondering the popular question ‘Why isn’t there a Hooters equivalent featuring males instead of women?’. For years that question bounced around his head and he finally decided to do something about it.

Enter ‘TallyWackers’, the well, uh…male themed restaurant where ripped hunks serve food in bright red tank tops. These men love nothing more than to flex their muscles on command (which they actually do) and flirtatiously serve you items such as “The Tallywacker,” a one-pound, all-beef frank on a fresh bun.

To be fair, not all the servers are ripped, Duke told Kraddick and friends. But the 24 servers were whittled down from a pool of more than 120 applicants who learned about the job on Craigslist. Unlike Hooters, Duke noted, Tallywackers allows diners to choose their preferred waiter before sitting down to order.

“We want to hire a wide variety of men,” he said. “Everyone has a different type. The younger ones, the older ones, the muscular ones, the not-so-muscular ones. We want to have eye candy for everyone.”

The restaurant opened Saturday night in Dallas’s upscale Oak Lawn neighborhood, which is also known among locals as the “gayborhood.” The opening-night crowd was evenly split between women and gay men, according to staffers’ estimates. The restaurant, they said, is already popular among bachelorette parties, some of which have been trying to reserve tables for months.