Grandma Who Mistakenly Invited Teen To Thanksgiving Loses Husband To COVID-19

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Do you remember the Thanksgiving story a while ago about an Arizona grandmother and teenage boy accidentally exchanging texts that led to their two families celebrating the holiday together for years to come? We wrote about them some years back as it was such a heartwarming and fun story. This update on that same grandmother, sadly isn’t as happy.

The grandmother, Wanda Dench, and her husband, Lonnie Dench, was a huge part of turning a text mishap into a new Thanksgiving tradition. Sadly, Lonnie has passed away from complications of the coronavirus.

For four years now, the couple has opened their home and their hearts to Jamal Hinton and his girlfriend Mikaela, plus their families, on Thanksgiving, after the accidental text Wanda sent to Hinton that was meant for her real grandson in 2016.

In recent weeks, Lonnie had reached out to family and friends and expressed his love for them while quarantined. Little did Lonnie know, he would come down with the coronavirus and it would ultimately take his life.

It would seem that Lonnie was definitely a kind soul and a man full of love.

Wanda sent the families local news reporter these words remembering her husband:

“He had the truest heart of love, like no other. He did so many acts of kindness that no one ever heard about. He was my hero. And I’m a better person because of him.”

Rest in peace Lonnie.