Home Alone Movie Fans Blown Away At What Kevin’s Grocery Store Trip Would Cost Today

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Remember back in 1990 when 8-year-old Kevin McCallister was left ‘Home Alone’? Remember when he went to the grocery store all by himself and purchased a ton of home good items and food for under $20?

If not…here is a refresher. 

Kevin ended up snagging a half gallon of milk, a half gallon of orange juice, a TV dinner, bread, frozen mac and cheese, laundry detergent, cling wrap, toilet paper, a pack of army men and dryer sheets…all for $19.83.

In 2022 this exact same grocery list cost roughly $44.00. In 2023, it would cost a whopping $72 and change.

Talk about the cost of goods and living going up! It’s crazy to think how we were able to sustain back in 1990 with a grocery haul like Kevin’s for just $20…now it’s nearly 4x as much.

I did always wonder what Kevin’s dad did in the movie in order to afford such a massive house, all those kids and family trip overseas for the holiday’s.