Two Kids Spark ‘Dapper Wednesday’ After Showing Up To Their Elementary School In Suits And Ties

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James Ramage, 8, and Lincoln Bolitho, 3, started dressing up for school as second graders last year, and now other children and faculty members are rocking their nicest clothes for ‘Dapper Wednesday’.

You can bet that each and every Wednesday, the students at the Chelsea Elementary School in Maine are some of the best dressed kids in the country!

When James and Lincoln began dressing up for school a year ago, their bus driver Dean Paquette, also known as ‘Mr. P’ took notice. Mr. P told the boys to let him know the next time they are wearing their suits and that he would wear his. That’s all it took to get the ball rolling and ‘Dapper Wednesday’ was born.

Check out the photos of the dapper pair and Mr. P here.

Other students and faculty members began taking part and now the Principal makes an announcement every Tuesday to remind the kids to wear something fresh and dapper for ‘Dapper Wednesday’!

There is no doubt the tradition will continue for years to come! How cool is this? Just two young kids out there bringing smiles to people’s faces and dressing for success!