Homeowner Still Selling Property After Banksy Mural Appears On Exterior Wall

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A couple in the UK still have plans on selling their property, despite finding a mural in which famed ‘secret’ street artist Banksy – painted on an exterior wall. The property value may have just went up a bit!

The mural features an elderly woman sneezing, making it look like she’s knocking down buildings on the steep street.

The woman and her family briefly suspended the sale to determine the best course of action, as the surprise from the famous artist could send the home’s value soaring.

The elusive Banksy claimed responsibility for the “Aachoo!” stencil mural on a semi-detached house in Totterdown, Bristol, last week, sharing a shot to Instagram last Thursday. His publicist also confirmed the news, The Associated Press reports.

The street art features an elderly woman sneezing with dentures flying out of her mouth – making it look like she’s knocking down the buildings before her on the steep street.

The art caused a commotion among local media, prompting homeowner Aileen Makin to pause the sale of the home (which had already been on the market) for 48-hours to determine the best course of action, her son Nick Makin said.

“When you wake up to tabloids saying your house is now worth £5 million [$6.69 million] you’ve got to think about what you’re doing,” Nick Makin told BBC. “It does increase the value, and you have to take a moment to think about it, but it’s not changing anything in terms of the house sale for us.”

“It was a hell of a shock. There’s been a lot of people and a lot of interest in it,” he added, per a Sunday report from South West News Service (SWNS)

According to the son, the Makin family thinks the Banksy work should be protected, remaining where it is. This protection could possibly be produced through a restrictive covenant to the deed when it’s ultimately passed to new owners.