7 Upgrades To Help You Love Your Garage

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When it comes to home improvement and optimizing one’s living space, the garage is often an afterthought. Most people use this space to park their vehicles and store old belongings, only venturing out there when absolutely necessary.

However, the garage holds a lot of potential, such as motorized garage storage lift – you just need a creative eye to see it. Here are seven upgrades to help you love your garage.


Upgrade the Garage Door

One of the best things you can do for the resale value of your home is to upgrade the garage door. Choosing something more modern and designer-inspired will improve your curb appeal. Adding the extras, like a remote starter, will also make the space more accessible and enjoyable to use.

According to GDS, garage door repair Houston experts, there are various new garage door innovations that offer both functionality and style. Replacing your old door can help make the space more welcoming while improving insulation and adding to the aesthetic theme of your home.


Create a Multipurpose Room

Transform your garage into a functional space that you can enjoy. More homeowners are reevaluating how they use this space in light of the 2020 pandemic. With less room to roam and more time at home, repurposing the garage has been the key for some to prevent boredom and solve new problems.

There are endless options for what to do with this space. Some homeowners are transforming their garage into a home gym. Others are adding an office setup to support their work from home needs. From playrooms to home bars, the options are endless.


Install a Fold-Up Workbench

If you struggle with finding the space to work on projects and park your vehicle, a fold-up workbench may be the solution.

Add a workbench to your garage using hinges and hooks so that you can fold it up and store it flush against the wall when it is not in use. Ensure that you have adequate tool storage available to ensure the area stays tidy.


Add Family Lockers

If your family is always on the go with sports and extracurricular activities, there’s a good chance your garage, basement, or entryway is inundated with equipment and outerwear. Solve this problem by installing family lockers in your garage.

Assign each family member a locker to store their boots, coats, hockey skates, etc. Lockers are narrow and shallow enough that they fit nicely in a small space but make a big impact on organization.


Seal Out Moisture

There are steps you can take to make your garage less dank and damp. Consider painting and sealing your floor with concrete paint and finish to keep it looking clean and glossy. This home improvement project will keep moisture out and protect the garage floor for years to come.

You can also get moisture-resistant paint to help protect the walls from mold and mildew while adding a pop of color. Moisture-resistant paint is a must if you plan on transforming your garage into a multi-purpose space.


Add a Loft

If you have the room to make it happen, consider adding a loft. A loft can extend your square footage without detracting from your floor space. You can use a loft as a guest room, reading nook, storage space – anything you can imagine.

The complexity of this project depends on your intended purpose. If you’re storing heavy items or people will be using the space, you’ll want it to be safe and reinforced.


Improve the Natural Light

Finally, open up your garage to some natural light to make the space brighter. You can accomplish this by installing a window, choosing a glass panel garage door, or adding a simple skylight. A little natural light goes a long way toward making a space more usable and appealing.

With these seven upgrades, you can transform your garage into a functional area that extends your living space and enhances the value of your home.