You Might Want To Watch This Video Before Checking In To Your Next Hotel

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As travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are being lifted in many areas, people are itching to get out and travel again! Many of whom will be staying in hotels — but you may want to take a gander at the video below before you book your next room!

Kat, a flight attendant from Salt Lake City, Utah, knows a thing or two about hotel stays. Her TikTok on tips for hotel check-ins has gone viral and is a must-watch if a hotel stay is in your future.

From staying safe to checking for bed bugs, the video has been watched almost 6 million times. It covers all the basics and some things most people never think of.

“They never thought about the decor items [bedspread, decorative pillows] not getting washed,” Kamalani said of the tip that most surprised people. “I wanted to give some tips to my followers on how to make your stay at a hotel more functional and clean.”