55-Year-Old Bottle Of Whiskey Sells For $795,000 At Auction

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A 55-year-old bottle of Yamazaki whisky sold for a world record price of $795,000 at a high end auction in Hong Kong.

The malt beverage was “the oldest Japanese whisky in history,” according to a press release issued by the international auction house Bonhams on Friday.

Back in May of 2019, a bottle of Japanese whiskey sold for $459,000 –  a nice chunk of change, but not $795G!

“The stunning price sets a new milestone for the market of Japanese whisky, testament to collectors’ desire and determination to acquire the very best the market has to offer,” said Daniel Lam, the director of wine and whisky at Bonhams Asia, in the auction house’s release. “We are pleased to see a keen demand for Scotch whisky in today’s sale as well.”

(Yamazaki Whisky / Bonhams)

The pricey whisky was distilled in the 1960’s and was released for an “exceedingly-limited edition” by Suntory Beverage & Food Limited this June. Only 100 bottles were produced and the one auctioned at Bonhams was the first one to ever hit the resale market.

The aged whisky has been distilled to 46% ABV and reportedly “rich in fruity scents with a sweet aftertaste.”

There is clearly something special about Japanese whiskey, because this time last year, the auction house sold a 54-bottle collection of the Hanyu Ichiro’s Full Card Series for $922,000.