House In Texas Is Built Entirely Underground And Each Room Is Uniquely Hand Painted

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There is 3000 square-feet of living space in this interconnected, underground residence, which consists of five dome homes.

According to, Terri Alexander, the listing agent, says the home is covered entirely by the earth. She isn’t aware of any other home similar to this in Texas. In fact, she calls the home “different” and realizes that somebody very eclectic will need to be in the market for this hidden gem.

The underground compound is on the market for $1.9 million. There’s plenty of room for a family with that much living space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 40-acres of ‘above ground’ land!

Glenn Young is the man who built the home in 1999 and had a number of things in mind when taking on the project. It’s obvious that he wanted privacy but he also had something to prove. It seems as if the people at Monolithic Domes were not in favor of putting dome homes underground.

Not only was Young able to put those domes underground, as reported, Alexander says that there has been essentially no maintenance put into the house after 20-years, but it is rock-solid!

After entering the property through a metal gate, you walk down a tunnel in order to access the front door.

Once you hit the front door, that’s when things get really funky and cool!

One of the things that Alexander appreciates about the home is the artwork. There were a lot of possessions on the inside of the home but the owner has taken many of them out to allow people to see the beauty of the murals and floors.

Rooms inside the home include an office area, meditation room, panic room, and dining area.

The temperature stays at about 72 degrees, thanks to air circulators. It is rare that any heating or air conditioning is needed. The machinery that operates the air circulation is above ground.

Although the home makes use of local utilities, it could be taken off-grid if desired. A generator can operate the home for up to two weeks and there is a well for water.

There also some things above ground that you may find handy, such as two workshops with over 7500 ft.² of space. One of those workshops even has a full bathroom and three interior rooms. An aboveground garage also adds to the space.

If you want to visit the home, you will have to travel about 90 minutes outside of Dallas to Corsicana, TX. According to Alexander, it’s a hidden away treasure but close enough to civilization for comfort.

The real key is finding a buyer that is artistic and creative enough to appreciate what is available.

Check out the entire underground home in all its glory below!