How To Build The Coolest ‘Stock Tank’ Swimming Pool With Deck

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We have written about stock tank pools in the past, because quite frankly they are a super cheap and awesome option when building a pool. However, when we came across these photos of a stock tank pool with a deck (via HeyWanderer) we were blown away! So simple to make and they look super cool!

Oh…and you can even turn your stock tank pool into a stock tank hot tub!!!

via HeyWanderer

To start, you need to purchase a stock tank. Stock tanks come in various sizes and can be found online as well as in store at places like Tractor Supply or Home Depot.

Once you have the stock tank, the next step is to build a tiny deck around it! This can be done incredibly easily and at minimal cost.

How to build the deck.

Use 2×4’s to build a simple frame around the stock tank. For the floor of the deck, use 6″ wide boards. These can be pine, oak or whatever wood you desire.

For more detailed information on how to build and add a pump/filter to your stock tank pool – check out this awesome blog post.

via HeyWanderer

Now with a stock tank pool, you are going to want to learn how to keep the water clean, clear and moving!

For all the cleaning tips, tricks and must dos, you definitely have to check out this HeyWanderer blog post! They will provide you with everything you need to keep your pool water clean as can be!