‘Mythbusters’ Put The ‘Breaking Bad’ Trunk-Mounted Machine Gun To The Test

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AWESOMEThe Mythbusters have tried to prove a few events that took place in the ever so popular T.V. show ‘Breaking Bad’ plausible before, all being busted however. That was until this time around!

If you are a Breaking Bad fan you already know how the hardcore finale episode went down. Walter White creates an insane trunk mounted machine, remotely controls it with his key fob and hits the deck as the gun riddles the bad guys with bullets. It was a pretty bad ass scene for sure, but could this really take place in real life? That is what the Mythbusters set out to find out!

Oh yeah…Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad was on the Mythbuster’s set to see the result in real time!

We have included the original Breaking Bad finale episode just in case you need a refresher. Following that are two clips from the Mythbusters testing out the trunk mounted machine gun theory!



The design and install phase!


The testing phase!

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