These Simulations Show How To Flatten The Coronavirus Growth Curve

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After the first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) was announced in the United States, reports of more cases began trickling in. Fast forward a month and that trickle has turned into a steady stream of confirmed cases.

This exponential curve certainly as people worried. If cases were to double every three days in the US, there would be roughly 100 million cases by May. This could be a reality, but it could also be stopped well before it reaches those insane numbers.

Public health officials say that if people practice ‘social distancing’ by avoiding public spaces and generally limiting their movement in the world.

The Washington Post created a ‘fake’ disease to show how easily the spread of the virus can happen and also, how to slow down the spread. So basically a corona simulator and it’s quite informative.

You can check out the simulator HERE.

Those who feel that they don’t need to listen to the public safety official’s warnings about social distancing, not going to public places, etc…are not only more likely to contract the virus, they are likely going to be the ones spreading the virus to others.