Theories And Answer To The $100 Bill Grocery Store Thief Riddle

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We recently posted a riddle that has the internet all over the place in regards to an answer. Below you will find the riddle and below that, some theories and potential answers. 

If we must choose from the given multiple choices, $100 is totally the correct answer :-). If you get into the logistics of the entire situation…well…there could be many answers. 

Joe from California says…
The answer is 130 because you lost 100 then you gained seventy then lost that then you lost 30 wich comes out to 130.
  +  70
  _  70
  _  30

Ourania R. says…
You lost $100 in total.
Although you seemed to have gained $70 back, the thief did not just give you that money, instead, they exchanged it for an item worth $70.

Misty from Virginia says…
How is the answer not $170? If they stole $100 and then “bought” $70 worth of your merchandise with your own $ (because they stole the $ from your register) AND you gave them back $30 (this is from the original $100 so it wasn’t anything extra like the merchandise)… wouldn’t bag equal the $100 from the register plus the $70 of merchandise being a loss? 

Kristina from Texas says…
 The answer is $200
 Let’s look at it this way
 I come to your house
 And I steal your TV
 I come back and sell your TV back to you
 How many times have you purchased your own TV?
 You’re just happy you have your TV back though right? 
 Not to mention the thief now has your money

James from Ohio says…
Good grief. It’s 100 dollars.
Let’s say 200 was in the register. Guy takes 100. Now you have 100 in the register. He buys clothing worth 70 dollars. Gives you the hundred back. Now you’re back to 200 in the register. You give him 30 as change. Now there is 170 dollars in the register. You have lost 30 dollars plus the 70 in merchandise. You’re out 100 dollars.

Wassimo says…
I think it’s a little different from what everyone is saying. The owner has the $100 bill but gave up the food and $30. The food didn’t cost the owner $70 because it is a store in fact so he’s out $30 + cost of the food so whatever profit he made gets subtracted from that. And it wouldn’t be right in saying that he lost potential profit, commerce doesn’t work that way. He probably lost around $80 total if he were to make say $20 on a $70 sale.

So there are a few theories and possible answers to the riddle. Pretty sure the answer is $100 and that is my final answer!
You can check out more answers and theories on our Facebook thread! 

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