‘I Got A Robe’: SNL’s Hilarious Christmas Skit Is Relatable To Moms On So Many Levels

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SNL totally nailed their ‘Christmas morning’ skit!

With host Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live featured a new musical short this weekend that told an all-too-real truth about being a mom on Christmas morning. We’ve all been there, either gifting Mom a super soft robe or receiving the go-to present from one’s children.

“I got a robe,” Wiig, sings, trying to act excited over the pink robe while her character’s husband and kids rap about all the awesoe gifts they opened.

The skit continues as mom heads to the kitchen ‘in her new robe’ to cook the family breakfast — as they continue to show off their awesome gifts!

While in the kitchen, of course mom goes through quite the ordeal, even getting burned.


As the family continues rapping about their gifts, they head to their Christmas stockings. Dad and the kid’s stockings are full of gifts, while mom’s is of course empty.

At the conclusion of the skit, the dad and kids turns to the Christmas tree and proclaim that there are more gifts to be opened — mom is clearly super happy as it appears she wasn’t forgotten after all.

We won’t ruin the end for you though — check it out above!