Photographer Captures Rare And Stunning Photos Of Christmas Star 2020, Jupiter And Saturn

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Greg Hogan is a photographer…and a damn good one at that!

The Christmas Star 2020. This is the first time the Christmas Star was visible in the sky since the Middle Ages. And Greg captured a remarkable photo of it!

The image below is a long exposure of Jupiter and Saturn together on December 21st 2020 at their closest point, taken from Central Georgia USA.

Greg Hogan – Christmas Star 2020 – 12/21/20

Greg performed a long exposure to allow the light to soak into the barrel of the telescope and bounce off its internal mirrors and hardware to create this beautiful effect.

The picture below is what it looked like from the telescope eyepiece, rings of Saturn and Jupiter’s moons in full view.

Greg Hogan – Christmas Star 2020 – 12/21/20

How incredible are these photos? Head over to Greg’s Facebook page to see more!