Kayne West’s New Album Delayed Until End Of January 2024

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Kayne West and Ty Dolla $ign’s new album ‘Vultures’ release date has been pushed back — again — and fans are not happy about that!

The album was supposed to be released on December 15, but now it is being pushed back to January 24, 2024.

Fans are wondering if the delay has anything to do with the beef Kanye ‘Ye’ is having with fellow artist Nicki Minaj. There is a verse that Minaj recorded years ago that Ye placed on a track of the new album — however — Minaj never game Ye permission to use. In fact, Minaj just came out with her own new album and since her drop, she has been going back and forth with Ye publicly about the feud.

Ye states that he supported Minaj and helped her career, while Minaj tells fans that she just dropped a new album and isn’t about to be excited about a 3-year old verse/song.

Kanye is always full of drama and this is probably just another drama filled moment — but it also could be genius way to get a little free marketing on the new album!